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Why is a double-sided mattress a fake?

20 November 2021
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A double-sided mattress is another marketing gimmick that gives it unnecessary functionality that does not translate in any way to comfort and health. Its supposed advantages do not provide sufficient benefits and therefore do not justify the costs. However, promoting a double-sided mattress potentially brings significant benefits to manufacturers and sellers who offer it.

Proper mattress selection should be preceded by determining one's needs and problems that it aims to solve. One should not succumb to the illusion of a double-sided mattress, as its actual functionality rarely translates into ergonomics, durability, or comfort during sleep. Furthermore, no good mattress requires flipping because its layered construction is designed with the comfort of sleep in mind, which will last for many years after purchase.

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The illusion of a double-sided mattress

As it turns out, part of society has been raised in the tradition of regularly flipping the mattress, believing it is necessary to increase its durability. However, experts argue that a double-sided mattress is actually an illusion that does not provide benefits to the user. This is due to the specific nature of the materials used in manufacturing a double-sided mattress.

Most commonly, a low-quality foam mattress with questionable parameters is sold as a double-sided mattress. Customers are led to believe that the layers of closed-cell foam inside it can regenerate by simply flipping the mattress to the other side. However, this is an illusion, as once the foam cells have been compressed, the mattress structure suffers permanent damage, and the foam cannot return to its original shape. Flipping the mattress does not reverse the compression process or restore the foam's initial dynamics.
A double-sided mattress most commonly features pocket springs and layers of closed-cell T-type foam.
Another type of double-sided mattress commonly found in stores is the spring mattress. These can be further classified into bonnell, pocket, and multipocket springs, depending on the size and shape of the springs used. However, this does not significantly affect the functionality of the mattress

In the case of such a double-sided mattress, you often hear claims that flipping it will magically increase the lifespan of the steel springs. Salespeople may also suggest that flipping the mattress will allow the steel springs to straighten out and even restore their original resilience, which is physically impossible.

Flattened springs permanently lose their original properties and elasticity, and flipping the mattress has no impact on their condition. This is due to the properties of metals, which always undergo deformation under the influence of external forces and never fully return to their initial shape. Once the springs in a double-sided mattress have deformed, there is no way for them to return to their original form through mattress flipping.
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Who benefits from a double-sided mattress

Double-sided mattresses in the European market are becoming increasingly less popular month by month. This is mainly because their comfort and functionality are significantly worse compared to properly constructed single-sided mattresses. However, it is worth taking a closer look at the double-sided mattress to consider who benefits from its existence.
It turns out that double-sided mattresses often serve as a disadvantageous marketing tactic. Many manufacturers and retailers are interested in promoting this option because it sometimes allows them to sell at higher prices. Customers, on the other hand, are convinced that they have greater flexibility and choice, but is it really worth the additional costs?
It is true that the functionality of a double-sided mattress can be significantly limited. Unlike single-sided mattresses, which can be carefully designed and customized to meet the user's needs, creating a double-sided mattress would require meeting comfort and health requirements on both sides. This leads to compromises that result in a reduction in mattress and sleep quality.
The functionality of a double-sided mattress is often questionable. A well-constructed mattress should resemble a cake.
It is often heard as a false argument that double-sided mattresses are more durable because they can be rotated and used evenly over time. In reality, modern foam mattresses have been designed with durability and resilience in mind. For example, the functional Osaka Air mattress utilizes high-quality materials such as durable foams and a cover, ensuring its exceptional longevity without the need for rotation.
It is worth questioning who truly benefits from a double-sided mattress. Of course, it is the manufacturers and retailers who gain financial benefits by promoting this type of mattress in various ways. For the customer, it may mean an additional expense without real benefits in terms of comfort and sleep quality on the mattress.
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The significance of a layered mattress construction

A double-sided mattress still enjoys moderate popularity, which has led many people to adopt the misconception that regular flipping of the mattress is crucial for its long-lasting durability. As practice shows, sometimes the reality can be different from the apparent benefits of a double-sided mattress.

Modern functional mattresses are often designed with a layered construction, where each layer has its own functionality. Introducing a double-sided mattress can cause confusion in the industry and limit the use of diverse materials in each layer. As a result, a double-sided mattress generally does not offer the same comfort and support as good single-sided mattresses.

It is also important to once and for all dispel the myth that flipping a double-sided mattress will restore the original properties of the foam cells or springs. It is merely an illusion. When foam cells are compressed, they lose their original elasticity, and flipping the mattress will not bring them back to their original shape. The same applies to springs, which do not regain their original elasticity by flipping the mattress to the other side.
The key to the functionality of the mattress lies in its layered construction based on a well-thought-out design.
Rotating a double-sided mattress can be inconvenient and difficult to do regularly. As a result, the hygiene and cleanliness of the mattress may be unsatisfactory. Frequently, rotating the mattress also requires cooperation with another person due to its weight. It involves removing bedding and other accessories, and sometimes even moving the bed. This solution is time-consuming and impractical, as well as unnecessary.

The illusion of a double-sided mattress primarily stems from beliefs and marketing propaganda. However, their construction and quality suggest that double-sided mattresses primarily serve the interests of manufacturers and sellers. Therefore, it is always worth making informed purchasing decisions, guided by reliable knowledge, as well as respect for one's health and comfort.

The modern and functional Osaka Air mattress is based on well-thought-out layers, making its structure resemble a birthday cake. Each layer of this mattress has its own purpose, allowing the final product to address issues and meet users' needs. It offers comfort and durability, which is why we provide it with a 15-year warranty and the possibility of returning it within 100 days of delivery.

We also encourage you to read the other articles on the best sleep and health blog, as well as the Encyclopedia of Healthy Sleep prepared by the team of ONSEN® specialists. For people who care about the health of the spine, we recommend a set of exercises for the spine prepared by our physiotherapist.
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FAQ: Double-sided mattress

What does it mean for a mattress to be double-sided?

A double-sided mattress is a type of non-functional sleeping mattress. Its design allows for flipping the mattress and sleeping on the chosen side. Often, both sides of a double-sided mattress differ in terms of firmness and the materials used in the construction of the top layer. In terms of functionality, such solutions are not beneficial for mattress users. They can negatively affect comfort and the user's mattress health.

What are the types of double-sided mattresses?

Most double-sided mattresses are constructed with closed-cell polyurethane foam marked with the letter "T." They are prone to damage and do not allow for airflow due to their structure. Double-sided spring mattresses and hybrid mattresses are also popular. However, their functionality and quality are highly questionable.

Which side of the mattress should you sleep on?

You should only sleep on the side of the mattress that the manufacturer designated for sleeping. A properly constructed mattress has a layered structure resembling a cake. Its top layers provide spinal support and ensure comfortable and healthy sleep. The subsequent layers aim to enhance air circulation within the mattress. The bottom layer should serve as its foundation, ensuring overall stability. Therefore, one should avoid double-sided mattresses with a completely different construction.

How to identify a double-sided mattress?

A double-sided mattress has different properties on each side. Manufacturers often describe these properties in their offers and instructions, making it easy to identify a double-sided mattress without requiring specialized knowledge. This type of mattress typically has different firmness levels on each side, which is intended to increase user comfort.

Why is a double-sided mattress not recommended for people with back pain?

A double-sided mattress is not recommended for people with back pain because they require a certain and stable support for the spine. This can only be provided by a one-sided mattress designed with careful consideration. The layers of such a mattress should be functional and blend into a coherent and harmonious whole. However, double-sided mattresses are also not recommended for healthy individuals, as their functionality is often minimal and does not improve sleep quality.

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