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Does a spring mattress cause cancer?

4 November 2021
Spring mattress, pocket spring mattresses, insomnia
The choice of a mattress is of crucial importance for health and sleep. Despite its popularity and apparent affordability, a spring mattress contributes to creaking and improper support of the spine, leading to sleep disturbances. Therefore, it is worth considering alternatives that provide fully healthy and comfortable sleep while supporting the spine and body.

In addition, a spring mattress attracts electromagnetic waves, making it an intriguing scientific topic. Research on the impact of electromagnetic waves on health and sleep is still ongoing, so it is essential to keep track of the advancements in science in this field. Meanwhile, some countries, like the United Kingdom, are considering a complete ban on the sale of spring mattresses.
Spring mattresses, hybrid mattress, bedsores

Squeaking of a spring mattress

Do you often wake up at night or in the morning due to the incredibly annoying sound of a squeaky spring mattress? For many people, this is no surprise. Squeaking springs in a mattress are currently a common problem that can directly and unfavorably affect sleep quality and comfort. Squeaking is often caused by worn-out or improperly secured springs inside the mattress, as well as their rapid wear and tear.

Even natural body movements on spring mattresses, just like changes in sleeping positions, can cause annoying friction between springs or against the mattress structure, resulting in the characteristic squeaky noise. Not only is this irritating for the sleeper, but it can also be annoying for the other person using the mattress.

It is essential to remember that mattress squeaking not only affects our emotions but can also disrupt sleep. Constant squeaking can lead to frequent awakenings during the night, resulting in poor sleep quality and feeling tired during the day. This can lead to lower concentration, reduced productivity, and overall discomfort. It is a highly annoying experience for most spring mattress owners, one they would prefer to avoid.

Squeaking also affects pocket mattresses, including their multipocket mattress counterparts, which contain springs. These springs are most often placed in fleece pockets, which can wear out over time due to the forces acting on the mattress. When this happens, the mattress springs come into direct contact with each other, resulting in squeaking. Additionally, the resulting fleece dust only partially remains in the mattress, with the rest potentially spilling out and being inhaled, which is an additional drawback.

In general, squeaking in a spring mattress is a common problem that can affect sleep quality and overall comfort. If squeaking is severe, it may be worth considering an investment in a functional mattress that offers greater stability and eliminates noise. Remember that healthy sleep is incredibly important for our health and well-being, so it's worth addressing this issue to enjoy peaceful and unrestricted sleep.
Spring mattress, pocket mattresses, sleep hygiene

Spine support on a spring mattress

It is evident that healthy sleep plays a crucial role in our health and well-being. The quality of sleep is directly related to how well we function during the day, and one of the factors influencing sleep quality is the right mattress. Choosing the right mattress that provides proper support to the spine can have a significant impact on our health and sleep comfort.

Many people still opt for spring mattresses, considering them a popular and cost-effective option. However, it is worth taking a closer look at how they truly affect the spine and their consequences. One of the main drawbacks of spring mattresses is that the springs do not work individually, which means that our body is not adequately supported in different areas during sleep. This, in turn, leads to improper spinal alignment, causing back pain and discomfort.

It is essential to mention the motion transfer effect on this type of surface. Spring mattresses, especially lower-quality ones, have an impossible-to-eliminate property of transferring partner movement during sleep. This can lead to frequent waking up at night and disrupt the sleep cycle, affecting overall sleep quality and recovery.

Although spring mattresses are often considered a more cost-effective option, their cheap materials and construction significantly impact their durability and longevity, requiring more frequent replacement, which, in the long run, may not be as cost-effective as it might seem. The production cost of a spring mattress rarely exceeds 500 Polish złoty (~ 125 euros), yet they are sold for as much as 10,000 Polish złoty (~ 2000 euros).

Spring mattresses, pocket spring mattress, side sleeping

The myth of cost-effectiveness of a spring mattress

The belief in the cost-effectiveness and low price of spring mattresses is one of the most commonly encountered misconceptions in the mattress market. Consumers often still think that cheap spring mattresses are more cost-effective than their alternatives. It is worth taking a closer look at this harmful myth and understanding the factors that actually influence the costs and value of spring mattresses.

One of the main reasons spring mattresses are considered cost-effective is their supposedly much lower price compared to mattresses made from modern materials such as HR foam. They may seem like an attractive purchase for those looking to save some money at first glance. However, in the long run, the situation is completely reversed by 180 degrees.

As a rule, a spring mattress tends to wear out several times faster compared to other mattresses. Its steel springs can rapidly undergo significant deformations and loss of elasticity due to daily use, leading to mattress sagging. This, in turn, results in a loss of spinal support and sleeping comfort. The need for frequent mattress replacement means that potential savings from purchasing a cheaper spring mattress can be greatly reduced by subsequent costs.

It is also worth noting that foam mattresses often come with a longer warranty. Although spring mattresses sometimes have warranties of even several decades on paper, the terms and conditions can be unfriendly and prevent users from making warranty claims. An important aspect is that functional mattresses made from modern materials can offer better spinal support and body contouring during sleep. This makes sleep more comfortable, and the risk of potential spinal problems and back pain is significantly reduced.

Spring mattress, multipocket mattresses, healthy sleep

A mattress that repels electromagnetic waves

The topic of the popular spring mattress, which due to its construction intercepts electromagnetic waves, is an intriguing subject that undoubtedly requires special attention concerning health and sleep. Electromagnetic fields emitted by electronic and electrical devices or Wi-Fi networks are present in our surroundings, making them a part of our daily lives. However, there are studies that arouse significant controversies regarding whether ubiquitous electromagnetic waves affect health and sleep.

It is worth emphasizing that research on the impact of electromagnetic waves on sleep is still ongoing and does not yield definitive results. There is already evidence suggesting that prolonged exposure to high levels of electromagnetic waves may have an impact on sleep and health, but currently, there is not enough data to confirm or exclude these effects across the entire population. Conducting such studies effectively would be challenging, and they could raise ethical concerns.

As shown in scientific research results, electromagnetic waves primarily originating from spring mattresses and electronic devices may be associated with an increased incidence of cancer. The article introduces an interesting perspective on the impact of spring mattresses as antennas that receive and amplify various electromagnetic waves, especially those known from FM/TV transmission. According to the authors of the scientific article, bed frames and supports made of metal, with a length corresponding to half the wavelength of the transmitted FM/TV signals, may also resonate and amplify these electromagnetic waves.

The fundamental conclusion drawn from the study is that during sleep on spring mattresses, our bodies are exposed to increased exposure to strong electromagnetic waves for a significant part of our lives—up to 1/3 of the total time we spend sleeping. The authors pointed out that the maximum strength of the electromagnetic field develops around 75 centimeters in width of the mattress, almost in the middle of the body. Moreover, depending on the sleeping position adopted, one side of the body may be more exposed to stronger fields compared to the other side. As shown in scientific research results, this could be associated with the development of breast cancer on one side of the body.

Hybrid mattresses, multipocket mattress, cancer treatment

Healthy alternative to a spring mattress

Healthy sleep is extremely important for our overall health and physical well-being, which is why it's advisable to avoid spring mattresses. The choice of the right mattress plays a key role in sleep quality and spinal support. Therefore, functional foam mattresses are gaining increasing popularity as a healthy alternative to spring mattresses. One of the most fascinating solutions on the market is the functional Osaka Air mattress, which offers a wide range of benefits for health and sleeping comfort.

The main reason why functional mattresses are considered a healthier alternative lies in their ability to perfectly adapt to the body's shape. That's why our Osaka Air mattresses are made of flexible material that actively responds to body pressure to properly contour and evenly and ergonomically support different parts of the body. This ensures that the spine is kept in its natural anatomical position throughout the night, which helps many people reduce back pain and muscle tension.

It also stands out for its advanced ventilation technology. The mattress is equipped with foams containing an open-cell system, ensuring unrestricted airflow throughout the night and maintaining the right temperature. As a result, the Osaka Air mattress is comfortable in any temperature, which is especially important for individuals who experience discomfort due to too warm or too cold sleeping conditions.
The best alternative to a spring mattress are functional foam mattresses.
An extremely important advantage of the most functional foam mattress on the European market, the Osaka Air foam mattress, is its motion isolation feature. This means that your partner's movements during sleep will never disturb the other person, which can improve the sleep quality for both mattress users.

It is worth emphasizing that well-designed foam mattresses are much more durable than traditional spring mattresses. Thanks to their proper construction and the use of modern materials, functional foam mattresses can maintain their properties for a long period, which ultimately translates into a long-term investment in healthy sleep.

The most functional Osaka Air foam mattress has been designed primarily with a focus on the health of its users. The innovative features it incorporates, such as anatomically contouring to the shape of the body, advanced ventilation, and unique and highly efficient motion isolation, provide exceptional comfort while ensuring proper spinal support. By choosing this mattress, you are investing in healthy sleep and well-being, which is crucial for our daily performance and health.

We also encourage you to read the other articles on the best sleep and health blog, as well as the Encyclopedia of Healthy Sleep prepared by the team of ONSEN® specialists. For people who care about the health of the spine, we recommend a set of exercises for the spine prepared by our physiotherapist.
Spring mattress, sleeping mattresses, mattress manufacturer, healthy sleep

FAQ: Spring mattress

Is a spring mattress good?

No, a spring mattress is not good for several reasons. Firstly, it does not provide proper support to the spine, which can lead to back pain and health issues. Secondly, spring mattresses make a lot of noise, which can disrupt sleep and cause discomfort. Additionally, they do not isolate the movements of individuals sharing the same bed, leading to unpleasant disturbances. Furthermore, spring mattresses can interfere with electromagnetic waves, which can be problematic for individuals who want to avoid such radiation.

Is a spring mattress better than a latex one?

No, a spring mattress is not better than a latex one. Similar to a spring mattress, a latex mattress does not always provide adequate spine support. However, latex mattresses generally do not make noise and do not attract electromagnetic waves, making them a better choice. However, latex mattresses have significantly lower air circulation compared to spring mattresses, which can lead to discomfort. Latex can also cause allergies. Therefore, instead of these types of mattresses, specialists recommend functional high-resilience mattresses. These mattresses provide proper support, air circulation, and minimize motion disturbances.

Why do spring mattresses have different prices?

The price differences of spring mattresses usually stem from sales practices. The same mattress can be sold under multiple names and at different prices, depending on the store. This is a common strategy aimed at misleading customers and influencing their decisions under the influence of salespeople. Dishonest manufacturers participate in this practice, thereby spoiling the mattress market. In reality, springs, as well as coconut fibers, which are commonly used in spring mattresses, belong to cheaper materials. The high prices of spring mattresses usually result from significant markups by retailers who leverage their popularity and customers' lack of knowledge.

Are pocket mattresses also spring mattresses?

Yes, pocket mattresses are a type of spring mattress. They contain springs placed in separate pockets. Often, the pockets with springs are attached to a layer of felt on the top and bottom of the mattress, making them a unified unit and meaning they do not work individually. As a result, these mattresses have similar disadvantages to bonnell mattresses, including a lack of proper spine support and the potential for making noise. However, the dynamics and durability of pocket mattresses are usually slightly higher.

Are pocket mattresses different from spring mattresses?

Pocket mattresses are a type of spring mattress in which a large number of small springs are placed in separate pockets. Similar to pocket spring mattresses, the pockets with springs are glued to a layer of felt on the top and bottom. They are often also glued together on the sides. This means they form a cohesive unit and do not work individually. They can also sag relatively quickly. Therefore, they have the same disadvantages as other spring mattresses, such as a lack of proper spine support and the potential for making noise. However, the dynamics and durability of pocket mattresses are usually slightly higher.

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